More of Gift -  the lone babe

Story of Gift. The struggle to exist by a lone rat kitten born to good parents but destiny fated him to be the only kitten in a big empty nest.

Now we resume following his progress from his 11th day of life

it is now the 6th of July. 2002 ...

See  photos below

6th July. 2002

More  Photos will be added over the days if the tiny hero succeeds in his struggle to live ...

Notice his smashing little gnashers growing well

Half of what you see in the syringe

is his one of his average meals.

Latest News !

During his 4.30pm feed,  his eyes began to partly open

This pic shows how truly tiny he is

Note:  No pressure is used to deliver milk to him. The feed has air access to break any vacuum that would form in a syringe

7th July. Now 'gone into the business' of making

Latex teats myself.   These intial results are very

encouraging.  Allowed to set and harden overnight

the teats are tougher than they look, easy to handle

and little Gift endorses them by sucking eagerly.

*Note: the end  hole must be very fine so as not to

flood the tiny rats mouth.

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everyone can follow the story, page by page ...

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